What time is it? Summer time and the #TimeToGrow

Ah summers…every time I think of them I am reminded of my childhood and vacations. I remember going back to school after the 2 month summer vacation and uniforms suddenly growing shorter thanks to growth spurts! Oh they were such wonderful times.

Now when I see my daughter going through the same changes I can’t help but feel nostalgic and a little troubled. Why? Well apart from the fact that once you become a mommy your sole job becomes to be a worrier, having gone through those sudden summer growth spurts, I want to be prepared.

Since summer is always about play, fun and activities, my daughter’s only focus is cramming as many hours of play as possible in one day. While my focus – ensuring she gets all the nutrition she needs in order to have uninterrupted hours of play – is a little more difficult to achieve.

It’s important to get proper nutrients during growth spurts. If the child is not given proper food he or she can suffer from infection or impaired immunity leading to falter in desired growth at a certain age.

How to fulfil nutritional needs of your child?

I recently attended a Pediasure event where they launched their new flavour ‘cookies and cream.’ What attracted me to the event was their concept of #TimeToGrow and summer. We all know that in this scorching heat, eating for us adults becomes tedious. As for kids who have so many distractions, food is never a priority. And to now have this powder that is not only packed with vital nutrients that support summer and growth but also is yummy, I simply had to try it out!

The highlight of the event was of course Little Chef Kicha who shared with us a recipe on how Pediasure cookies and cream can be used in many different ways. Even the hamper that we received came with a handy recipe guide and I am all ready to try them out.

The event was a star studded affair with Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi attending. There was a panel discussion with the two celebs and two doctors. I was quite shocked to note that it takes 8 to 25 attempts (yes you read that right) for a child to acquire the taste of a food item. Well that most definitely made me feel better as a mommy!

We learnt many tips and tricks on how mommy Lara tries innovative ways to sneak in healthy things into her daughter’s meals. It was a relief to hear them say all the things that I believe in as a mommy.
After tasting the Pediasure cookies and cream shot though, yes we were served Chef Kicha’s special recipe, I can now sit back and relax. I no longer need to fret about my daughter’s nutritional needs because Pediasure is going to do that work for me!


  1. The launch seems to be great,Pediasure is complete nutrition and then one does not have to bother about their day to day nutrition.As a mother of fussy kid I am always on a lookout to give my kids best where nutrition is concerned.I have surely found my answer

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