Recently I came across one amazing child friendly toothpaste from Mamaearth which is Mamaearth berry blast kids toothpaste.

It’s made up of natural ingredients and is very safe for kids . The flavour is amazing and fruity . Lets know more details on the same .

My review on Mamaearth Natural Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste .


100% NATURAL – Mamaearth’s 100% natural toothpaste is specially formulated with high quality ingredients like xylitol, aloe vera and stevia for newly forming teeth and gums.

Xylitol which is a natural plant ingredient, protects the teeth from tooth decay and plaque formation.

Aloe Vera Gel relieves pains in sore gums when new teeth is coming.

Its Safe even if its swallowed : since kids cant clean themselves completely sometimes they swallow, but we moms don’t have to worry with MAMAEARTH BERRY TOOTHPASTE as it is made without Fluoride, SLS, Paraben, Phthalates, and Petrochemicals to bring you the safest products for kids.

Color and smell : Transparent gel like paste which doesnt have any artificial colors added plus it has


FLAVOUR of strawberry which appeals to your child’s taste developing habit of brushing after every meal too. And the kids love to start and end their day with Mamaearth’s berry toothpaste.

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