Well I have traveled to all the possible places in India with my newborn. Surprising isn’t it? I thought it would be very difficult in the beginning but later found out it was very easy and I enjoyed a lot more with her. It can be a little intimidating but nothing you can’t do with a little preparation and some tips.

So here are a few tips and tricks which will help you while going for a trip with your new born:

We should always make a list of the things we are supposed to carry so that it’s easier to pack and unpack.

Make a to-do list in your mobile app so that you don’t forget any important thing which you were supposed to pack in the luggage.

Always make a separate bag for your baby. Never mix your stuff with your baby’s stuff as you may require your baby’s stuff anytime. Baby accessories are very

small and may be difficult to find amidst other things.

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