‘Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be effective tomorrow.’
When Tom Roth wrote this quote I’m certain he was thinking about how sleep is a fundamental need for all humans, extremely important for good health, just as diet and exercise is. Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad 4.0 focuses on sleep deprivation that almost 71% women suffer from because of household chores. The reason behind it all is really simple; women work round the clock in order to complete their household chores as well as balance relationships, jobs and if she has any time left, on her own hobbies. She is a WOMAN & that’s counted as enough reason for her to be able to do all these things ALONE.

Ariel has always made it a point to drive awareness about the unequal distribution of work in our households, and the gender inequality that is still prevalent. In my opinion what’s been happening is that there is always a lot of talking about gender equality but when it comes to actual practise, women just don’t get their due. If the society actually respects women, then everyone should be sharing the load of household chores in daily life.

Survey shows that 3 out of 5 women state that they are always tired. And if they had some free time, they would use it to sleep. Women throughout the day are engaged in many small tasks like cleaning the house, laundry, buying groceries etc. These chores may seem small but require both effort and precision. At no point a women’s mind is free of thoughts from planning and execution of the household chores. We as a society can lend a hand and take on some responsibilities beginning with the simplest task of all, and that’s doing the laundry.

Ariel through its video campaign #ShareTheLaundry #ShareTheLoad has beautifully portrayed how men of the society can contribute towards their better half’s well-being by sharing the load, beginning with the laundry work.
In many households women are the first to wake up and last to sleep. Not getting sufficient sleep has many effects on our body and mind. Mood fluctuations, anxiety, weight gain are few of its symptoms. If these are ignored for long, it can severely impact anyone’s health. By advocating for this cause, Ariel does a splendid job in flagging this issue and warning everyone that by ignoring the routines of our women, we put them under grave risk.

The Ariel campaign have been successful in impacting the thought process of millions of men. ‘Work has no gender’-this thought shall give rise to a new era, bringing new meaning to work & partnership in relationships and in our homes. Statistics have proven that men think washing clothes in machines is the simplest chore for them to begin with. Riding on this realisation, Ariel urges men to lend help by pledging to #ShareTheLaundry and eventually #ShareThe Load by extending their help towards other chores.

I’m proud to share that in my house we have started this practice. My husband is doing laundry almost twice in a week and now he also cooks food sometimes. I think all the men in the world should help and support their wives and women in the house. So let’s #Sharetheload and contribute more towards #genderequality.

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