Top trends on Helo App from 2019

Trends keep on disappearing and reappearing. The past year was another display of varying fashion and popular trends. With so much happening around, it is hard to chronicle all the trending things at one particular moment. However, Helo users are very vigilant when it comes to changing the trending fashion scape. The past year was full of memes and videos going viral. Here are some handles which have been quite influential when it comes to popularizing and informing people about trends.
This handle is maintained by the Jagran group which is a major media group in the country and needs no introduction. This particular handle, as the name suggests, deals with women issues, while maintaining a strong presence in the world of fashion and trends. From raising awareness about women issues to talking about the latest developments in the world of fashion, this handle has it all. With 42.2k followers and growing, this page has a steady fan following.
J.K Status
This Helo user from Indore claims to be an emotion creator and has about 70.9k followers on Helo. He creates content related to social media status. He is very versatile when it comes to social media and writes very lyrical status updates which trend all over social media. His popularity is only growing with the years and he is undoubtedly one of the most popular handles when it comes to trends.
Another handle which needs no introduction, Pinkvilla is a major player when it comes to Bollywood gossip and trends. It is one of the first sources to report when something gains momentum in the fashion industry. With 103.5k followers, this handle is extremely popular and some posts receive views in the millions. If you want to know what transpired in 2019, this is the handle you need to follow.
This entertainment and fashion-based handle has a modest following of 11.5k but posts about all the latest and past fashion news and trends. From blogs to videos, this handle has it all. If you are interested in the top fashion designers and their work then this blog might have a lot of information for you. With trends ranging from ethnic to western, this blog will leave you craving for more.
(Sonam) Fashion and tips
This extremely popular handle has about 82.2k followers and she posts exclusively about fashion and trends. She generally has very interactive posts on her handle with polls and photos of the latest in style and fashion. She leaves no stone unturned and incorporates everything, from dresses to accessories in her fashion tips.

There are many styles and trends to follow and in order to find your own personal style; you need to be aware of the constantly changing world of trends. It is always nice to be updated about the things that are trending in society. Fear of missing out is a real thing and social media can help you get over it.

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