With our new normal routine, the ways of entertainment have changed.  We want to watch something that will give us a quick dose of energy, or a TV show that we can relate to, or a movie that can make us bite our nails. But at the same time we need a good subscription plan.

We have some good news. From forbidden love to romantic dramas to sexy rom-com with love triangles and more, these web series will keep you entertained for hours. So, What you are waiting for getting connected to the ZEE5 club pack offers consumers access to its shows before the telecast, select original ZEE5, and Alt Balaji and Zindagi shows that was recently brought back to the ZEE5 OTT platforms. ZEE5 presents Club, a new subscription pack that offers the best of Zindagi showsALT Balaji shows.  ZEE5 original web series have gained huge popularity and are amazing .

ZEE5 Club Pack: 6 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is the Best Subscription Plan for Family Entertainment
Source: ZEE5.com

These in-between ads have taken the place of that news logo. If you are among those who feel annoyed with these ads, then the answer is Zee5 Club Pack.When I got to know about the benefits of Zee5 Club, I was like wow. I was already impressed with the wide range of TV shows it is coming up. And now this new Club Pack. It is like a must haveZEE5 now offers a special subscription plan called Club Pack, which is priced at Rs.365/- annually.So, let me share more about this jackpot with you too.

No ads while watching your favorite serials:  With this subscription plan, you can stream the shows on your smartphone or browser, without advertisements breaks. You can enjoy your favorite shows without any break or distraction. How cool is that.

Very good subscription plan :Zee5 Club pack is designed keeping I mind the different taste and Rs.365/- annually meaning, Rs.1 per day. Can we ask for more? You can enjoy your favorite TV shows without putting the burden on your pocket. Zee5 Club pack is designed keeping in mind the diverse user behavior and regional preferences.

Multiple language option : Not just English and Hindi, but you can also enjoy regional shows. These days, all shows come with subtitles, which makes it easy for the viewers to understand the show.

watch together :You want to watch your favorite movie, but your husband is already watching his favorite on Zee5? Don’t worry. Zee5 Club Pack has the solution. Have this subscription plan and you can stream on two different devices. Isn’t that cool?

Watch your favorite shows before they stream on the TV:Now, you can also tell your friends about a new show before it is released on TV I really loved this feature . As Zee5 Club pack member, you will be able to see your favorite TV shows before they telecaston TVand get exclusive access to bespoke ZEE5 Originals, ALTBalaji shows, and 1000+ hit movies, Zindagi shows, 90+ Live TV channels, and Kids’ content.

-Benefits of premium plan:Earlier, Zee5 had two categories- free and premium. The free version had TV shows across ZEE channels, news, and sort videos. On the other hand, premium plan had an entire catalog of original shows, movies, direct to digital movies, LIVE GEC, and before TV availability of ZEE’s TV shows. With the Zee Club pack, you will get a portion of premium content and catch all shows at Rs. 356/- the subscription price, which otherwise would be Rs.99/- (monthly) or Rs.999/- (annually).

Go and checkout this amazing new platform . I hope you liked my blog . Thank you

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