With the family at home, looking after the nutrition and health of the family members is a major concern for women all around especially if you have kids at home.
With zero outside play for growing kids and only indoor activities currently, the correct amount of nutrition to be given is something we mommies are always concerned about. However, the question is: Are they eating the right food in right portions?

Signs your child might be overeating!
We may not even notice that our kids may be eating more than usual. The key is to observe their eating habits so we can guide them in the right direction of healthy growth. If any of the following signs seem familiar to you, it may be because your child is overeating.

1) He/she is always preoccupied with the next snack. Children tend to get hungry often and the craving for junk food is high. Eating biscuits, chocolates or munching wafers is something all kids love.
2) The child might be eating more than usual but still feeling hungry. Eating junk food does not fill the stomach. The energy from junk food is used up quickly and hunger pangs strike soon.
3) Sometimes it is about emotions. Children when under stress tend to eat too much or too little. Emotions have a lot to do with eating patterns.
4) They might be filling up on snacks because they are bored. Haven’t we all done that? When they have nothing to do, they might turn to sugary treats! We should see to it that growing children get all the nutrients in the right amount in all the meals they eat. But do children listen? Well, it is up to us to make food interesting and visually appealing for the kids to eat.

Break it down
Paediatricians and nutritionists say that kids have a very small digestive system. If food is given to them at one go in bulk quantities, it is not something they will eat or be able to finish. The result is wastage of food and nutrients. It is always advisable to give more healthy meals to kids but in smaller portions. Smaller portions when served are always finished by kids. Also, small meals are easy for digestion especially when there is no active play like running.

Variations in food
Introducing more number of healthy meals works wonders in the child’s healthy growth. Mothers get time to think of variations in food. Junk food can be avoided and the child can be served his/her favourite fruit, or an interestingly prepared salad, and many such varieties. This will satiate the child’s craving for food as well as contribute towards his/her healthy growth. Such dishes are filling and tasty at the same time. Instead of filling up on cold drinks and other foods, PediaSure is a great alternative when the child is hungry for a snack or it is even good along with breakfast/dinner. It is delicious and children can choose their favourite flavour. With its 37 vital nutrients, you can be sure that your child is getting all the appropriate nutrients needed for right growth.
Eating a high-nutrient diet actually makes you more satisfied with less food, and gives the ability to enjoy food more without over eating. As a mother you don’t have to overhaul your entire meal plan for kids. Just find a few alternatives to unhealthy items in your fridge or pantry. Slowly start adding in more healthy options until you have adopted healthier food choices.

Encourage healthy food habits
Healthy eating habits are very important to develop in growing kids. Focusing on a healthy diet and nutrition are the best ways to prevent the onset of diseases in kids. Be a role model yourself. Consult a nutritionist if required. Talk to your child about the benefits of a balanced diet and involve them in the process.
We need to encourage our kids to love to eat real food- honest, nutritious, healthy food. Less fast food, less junk food. And they need to see us eating healthy by example.

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