“It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you.”

This is an important statement every woman, every mom should remember. With the size of the family shrinking, families delaying the age they begin to have children, and individuals living in different communities than which they were born, many families having children lack the support of their extended family. In such a scenario it becomes of utmost importance for a woman to take care of her health, as not only her better half but her kids too are dependent on

In today’s stressful environment and round the clock work, I too ignored my health. A home maker by profession and a mother, I got busy and engrossed in my family affairs and daily chores to an extent that I landed up on a large list of medical tests and examinations.

Well, having no choice left I went to my nearest pathological laboratory “SUBURBAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE.” Trust me it sounds amusing but the path lab is like a beautiful hospital in itself. The management of the laboratory is commendable when it comes to customer service.

The path lab has all the latest technique which shows that it keeps itself upgraded with the changing scientific innovations.

They have a wide variety of packages for blood tests that suffice the need of their patients, be it kids, men, women or senior citizens.

The pathologists are well qualified, courteous and at immediate service. They are of immediate assistance and guide their customers with the package scheme, thereby saving the customers medical expenditure.

Cleanliness and hygiene is their utmost aim. The staff is well dressed in their uniforms and proper safety paraphernalia i.e. their gloves, masks, head caps etc. is worn. I was prescribed few examinations like a sonography and an x-ray. My worries were at ease seeing their high-quality equipment’s and specialized doctors with trained nurses by their side.

It’s a huge path lab with separate rooms for every kind of screening, ranging from physical examination to lung cancer screening. You name it and that test is conducted there. The results of the examination have zero chances of errors.

Suburban diagnostic is known for its display diligence. I was very comfortable while doing my Pap smear and Mammography test.

One can trust the advanced RADIOLOGY AND CARDIOLOGY SERVICES offered at SUBURBAN. There is an in house dietician who caters to your nutritional need keeping in mind your test results.

THE SUBURBAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE established in 1994 is a Legacy of Excellence. They believe in the slogan “best outcome for every patient.” SUBURBAN DIAGNOSTIC made me realise that a

“Women’s health needs to be front and centre. It often isn’t, but it needs to be.”

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