The 3 C’s Every Parent Should Know
“When you take technology and mix it with art, you always come up with something innovative.”
Give wings to your passion with Dell – Aao Kare #PCseShuruaat (Toketoli, Darjeeling)

This lies true for the new venture propagated by Dell called Aarambh. Aarambh is a pan-India PC for education initiative engineered to enhance learning using the power of technology, designed specially to cater to the needs of parents; teachers and students who are wanting to evolve in the New Digital India. The new venture aims at imparting necessary training to the parents; teachers and students so that they can better utilise the PC for learning, both at school and at home.
Creativity, Critical thinking and Complex problem solving are the three most desirable skills for today’s Digital Indians. People use computers as aids to creativity and creative-computing topics may reshape the world as we know it. Applications are seen in arts; entertainment/ games, mobile applications, multimedia, product/web design and other interactive systems. Critical thinking is an essential skill for an educated society. It suggests future avenues where the connection between critical thinking and computer science could be fruitfully explored. There is no one strategy to support and teach your child how to think critically. As a parent, our role is to ask open-minded questions to our kids to guide the thinking process. Parents should keep in mind the following points to encourage critical thinking in children:
• Provide opportunities for experimentation with the PC
• Pause and wait
• Don’t intervene immediately.
• Help children develop hypotheses.
• Encourage critical thinking in new and different ways.
Critical thinking often happens when children have time to practice making choices, plan their time, or create from nothing. Parents should increase free time opportunities for their kids and involve them in activities that foster brain development.

Give wings to your passion with Dell – Aao Kare #PCseShuruaat (Vaishnavi, Agra)

Parents play a very vital role in teaching their children skills to solve complex problems in today’s techno-savvy world. Parents should allow children to make mistakes and learn from their experiences. Their role should be that of a guide and not the problem solver. Children should be given challenges that require imagination. They should keep in mind that the difficulty given to the child is a reasonable one and has a solution. Multiple potential solutions should be provided. Solving a problem should be a fun and friendly way with children.
Keeping in mind these aspects Aarambh believes in tackling these 3 C’s in parents through training and certification. They provide both parents and teachers, and consequently children with vital PC usage skills while making computer knowledge accessible. Aarambh is making a remarkable achievement in bridging the gap between Innovation and Technology. Through this initiative they have succeeded in engaging 1.5 million students through DELL CHAMPS SCHOOL CONTACT PROGRAM. They are also in alliance with NIIT, aiming to train and certify
1, 00,000 teachers from over 5,000 schools across 70 cities.
We need to remember that “IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO LEARN NO ONE CAN HELP YOU. AND IF YOU ARE DETERMINED TO LEARN, NO ONE CAN STOP YOU.” SO join the new endeavour of Aarambh- a new way of learning and growing in a Digital India.

Give wings to your passion with Dell – Aao Kare #PCseShuruaat (Rishabh, Jodhpur)

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