What is Hydrolysed Proteins ?

Hydrolysed proteins are mixture of peptides mainly tri and di peptides and a few free amino acids (pre-digested proteins) that are easily absorbed by the intestine and doesn’t need to go through the complex process of breaking down like intact proteins.

What are the advantages / health benefits of hydrolysed proteins over intact proteins?

a) Effect on amino acids:

• Fuels greater delivery of amino acids from the gut to muscles

• May also enhance the speed of delivery of the amino acids when compared to an intact protein

• Gives less time to the liver to extract crucial amino acids (essential AA’s ) as they flow towards the muscles, thereby allowing more amino acids to reach the muscles, contributing to muscle protein synthesis

b) Enhances glycogen replenishment – insulinotropic effect

• Hydrolysates have a significantly higher insulinotropic effect i.e. enhancing the production/activity of insulin, compared to intact protein (isolate or concentrate)

• This causes superior glycogen replacement and greater anabolic response i.e. increase in muscle mass

c) Faster recovery post workout and intra workout performance

• A study has shown that protein hydrolysate helps in accelerating recovery from exercise induced muscle damage.

• Ingestion of protein hydrolysate with carbohydrate during and immediately after exercise improves whole-body protein synthesis

d) Hydrolyzed proteins are less allergenic (or immune-response-inducing) for babies who are at risk for food allergies or immune diseases. Studies have shown its use in infants with cow milk allergy (CMA) [10]

e) Can be used in elderly– There is reduction in rate and efficiency of protein digestion and subsequent absorption of amino acids in elderly. It is suggested that the ingestion of a protein hydrolysate, as opposed to its intact protein, might accelerate protein digestion and absorption, increase plasma amino acid availability and, as such, augment the postprandial muscle protein synthetic response.

How does hydrolysed protein taste?

Protein hydrolysates have a bitter taste owing to the production of bitter-taste peptides that are released during the enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins. However, when mixed with milk the taste improves.

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What are proteins and what role do they play ?

Proteins are large molecules composed of Amino acids . There are 20 diverse types of amino acids which are required by the human body .

Nonessentials Amino acids can be made by the human body but the essential amino acids can not be made by the Human body and therefore it’s required to get these amino acids from your diet .

Proteins are the key macronutrients needed for your growth and development .

It’s required for :

  1. The maintenance of muscle mass .

  2. It’s required for the functioning of enzymes and hormones .

  3. Proteins is required for the transport of oxygen .

  4. It’s required for the growth of healthy hair and nails .

  5. To support immunity and it’s also a source of energy .

What is the protein requirement of the body ?

The protein requirement differs based on age, gender, weight and physical activity. The protein requirement increases in special conditions like pregnancy & lactation. During illness and convalescence, protein requirement increases. Average requirement of healthy adult is 1 g of protein per Kg body weight per day

15th February 2018, Protinex the brand which is doesn’t need an introduction with health and wellness launched Protein Calculator in Mumbai. ProtineX has always been my choice when it comes to supplements & why not? The amount of benefits that it has as compared to the other supplements available in the market, this kind of goodness truly stands above the rest!

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the small rendezvous that happened a few days ago at Sofitel BKC , where we had an informative session by top nutritionists & of course the much awaited unveiling of the protein calculator by Prithvi – The face of under 18 cricket club & Mr, Bakshi , Marketing head, Danone India. Mr. Shaw has been associated with Protinex as its ambassador, who emphasized on daily protein requirements

I wasn’t aware of these facts either. This session was not only informative but also an eye opener. Mr Himanshu Bakshi, Director marketing, Danone India said most of the people are unaware of their ideal protein requirement AND are under the impression that they are taking the right amount of proteins in their diet by eating fish, chicken and pulses. However that is not true and in case of Indians protein supplements are needed to fulfill the deficiency. Also its all about the quantity and quality of protein intake such as hydrolyzed (these proteins are derived from intact protein source by enzymatic hydrolisis to obtain a mixture of tri, di and polypeptides ALSO known as “pre-digested” proteins) protein for faster protein delivery.

What is a Protein Calculator and why is it needed ?

Protein calculator is a simple calculator that allows people to calculate their protein intake and take actions in case of deficit. You just have to download the app, feed your every meal of the day and it tells you your intake as well as the deficit which you can then cover through protein supplements.

During the event, the expert speaker & nutritionist – Ms. Ruby Sound shared her knowledge and anecdotes with audience. She explained our daily requirement is .75 to 1 grams per kilogram of weight. However, our daily diets do not provide that much of protein; leaving us high & dry on that crucial component.

73% of urban Indian population is Protein deficient, as per IMRB’s recent survey. Well, I do not doubt these staggering facts even a bit; because my latest health check-up reports shown same for me too.

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