Do you have small children’s ?

Are you worried about infections and germs which can effect you or your baby while eating ?

A drop of O handsanitizer can kill harmful germs and bacteria in a go. Mesmerising smell, no grease, no germs, just squeaky clean hands. Kills up to 99.9 percent germs comes in a small and handy satchel , whether after cooking or after eating, it’s one recipe you’d definitely want to try. By the way, if you use it before the meal, it also washes away the germs. Cutting, cooking, eating, after anything.

It’s the best way to put one Ohand sanitizer in your child’s tiffin box or school bag so the child can carry it easily and sanitize the hands before eating the tiffin box .

It’s just available for 2 rs for one satchel .

Isn’t it amazing ?

So go and order now and safeguard the family .

Stay tuned for more posts .

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