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Few days back I received this full of nutrients tea for nourishing feeds and natural stretch oil from the @themomsco and it works like magic .

Let talk about the tea :

  1. It’s 100 toxin free and made with natural ingredients .
  2. It’s one of the best thing for breastfeeding moms as it’s very important for a breastfeeding mom to consume good food and consume more water .
  3. A breastfeeding mom should not drink caffeine as it’s making the baby super active and it passes through the mother to the baby.
  4. The moms co becomes a problem solver here they have manufactured and invented this tea which is the best for a breastfeeding mom .

Raspberry leaves :

It contains raspberry leaves which provides a rich source of iron , calcium , magnesium and manganese which helps in strengthening the uterus muscles . Our uterus expands 1000 times during pregnancy . Therefore it is very important for the uterus to gain strength and become stronger as it goes through such drastic changes during pregnancy . So it becomes a necessity to eat and consume foods which helps in strengthening the uterus . Raspberry leaves are something which provides this benefit .

Fennel seeds :

This ancient and traditional remedy is known to improve breast milk supply . It is advices to eat fennel seeds raw after dinner or lunch to improve breast milk supply . It has got ingredients which improves the supply of milk therefore moms who has less milk supply should consume fennel seeds . It also relieves symptoms of gas and upset stomach on breast feeding moms . As newborns tend to become colicky quickly in the 4th trimester I.e first three months of life there digestion system is very weak and therefore moms are advised to consume food which doesn’t cause gastric problems in the baby so this ingredient is also beneficial in gas related problems .

Aniseeds :

This ingredient is also beneficial to increase the breast milk supply in breastfeeding moms . Aniseeds helps in treating Clogged ducts and other problems in the milk glands by maintaining a milk flow . It decreases colic symptoms in a babies . It proves that it’s one of the essential ingredients to help in increasing the milk supply .

Peppermint :

Peppermint helps to stimulate uterine blood flow . It also helps to soothe and calm the digestion system . Which makes it important to be a part of every breastfeeding moms diet and this tea makes sure that this soothing ingredient is present in there tea .

Black currant leaves :

Black currant leaves are very rich source of vitamin c which is know to boost the immune system . As newborns are prone to disease and infections quickly it is very much vital to make sure we include vitamin c rich products in our food as all the things we consume passes on to the babies through breast milk . Vitamin c is very much important to be a part of every breastfeeding moms diet because it increases the immune system .

I have been consuming this magical tea for more than 3 weeks now and trust me it’s has really helped me to increase my breast milk supply . Been drinking this 3 cups a day . Have ditched my ginger tea for this and no regrets . As I prefer to consume the best for my baby .

I am loving this tea which is filled with such nourished ingredients and gonna continue to drink them till I am breast feeding .

It’s made in Europe

This tea sells for Mrp : 699 .

Available on themomsco.com

Checkout there Instagram page @themomsco you can call them or email them for further information.

I hope this post helps in all the breastfeeding mom as it helped it .

P.s – The stretch oil review will be up soon.

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