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Since long I wanted to share about the hamper I received from @softsens .

It is a newly launched baby care brand which has got some amazing products for baby skin .They are committed towards providing safe , effective , desirable and sustainable baby care products to ensure that their customers have everything they need to make parenting a truly blissful experience and i being a new mom and enjoying every moment of my motherhood journey would like to share my experience with this beautiful brand which is developed by experts and inspired by moms ! 

So the hamper contains of 8 items as listed below :

1)Baby Milk Bar:


The baby soaps are dermatologically tested and safe for the use on babies . I tried them and baby D loved them to the core . The fragrance is mesmerising . It’s paraben free and no synthetic colours used in it . The shape of the bar is oval and very smooth soap it glides on the babies skin very smoothly . The Saop is infused with natural plant based ingredients which moisturises the baby’s delicate skin and it’s very important to use the best soap for the babies as they have super delicate and sensitive skin . The soap gently cleanses the babies skin without disturbing the natural moisture of the skin . It’s made with 100 % pure vegetable oils . Which is 100% hypoallergenic and tested in Europe .

2) Baby massage oil .


The baby massage oil is very light made up with a soothing formulation which nourishes and hydrates the babies Soft skin . Since baby D has a Very sensitive skin which usually is allergic to certain chemicals but this oil turns magic for me as it moisturises her skin so well that I don’t see any dryness at all . It keeps her skin well hydrated during day and night as her skin is very dry it’s a necessity for me to keep her skin well hydrated and this oil is filled with vitamin E and olive extracts which soothes and conditions the skin very well.

3) Baby wash :


The baby wash is Ultra mild which is the best for babies as they have super sensitive skin which is soap free anf aqua based tear free formulation which prevents irritation of the babies eyes and skin . It’s enriched with natural milk cream and shea butter which gently cleanses the skin without drying it out . It has got uncountable qualities such as its enriched with natural plant based ingredients like orange oil , it’s alkaline free and paraben free and Biodegradable .  Phew so many qualities in one baby wash can’t believe it .

4) Baby Shampoo :


As being a new mom I was always worried to wash my babies hair on my own because the shampoo usually ends up irritating baby D’s eyes and ultimately turns up with excessive crying which makes me very scared but then I came across this baby shampoo by softsens which is absolutely soap free, ultra mild and 100% safe for babies . Cleanses and nourishes the babies hair and scalp leaving behind soft and shiny hair . It can be used on all hair types .

5) Baby Lotion:


First of all the baby Lotion smells amazing and it’s very light weight and made up with non greasy formula . It’s enriched with natural milk cream and shea butter that gently hydrates and nourishes the baby’s skin leaving it soft and supple . Contains natural humectants like glycerin and is rich in anti oxidants like vitamin E . Contains plant based natural oils that deliver moisture deep into the layers of the skin and protect it from external dryness and damage and it’s alkaline free I keep on applying it to baby D’s skin as her skin is very dry and it immediately moisturises her skin to the core .

6) Baby Cream :


The most important part of the body the face and this is the ultimate cream for the little munchkins face . The babies face has  the most sensitive skin in the entire body to make sure that we use the right products for our babies softsens has developed this amazing baby cream with natural milk cream and shea butter which moistures the babies skin . Contains natural plant based orange oil known for its anti bacterial properties . Keeps the skin well nourished and well hydrated throughout the day . It’s also alkali free and biodegradable.

7) Baby wipes :IMG_8940

When it comes to baby wipes I had always been very choosy because sometimes the wipes can cause rashes to the little bundles body very harsh . I came across softsens baby wipes and let me tell you I would give 10 on 10 for this as it’s a must for the diaper bag . The wipes are extra thick and extra soft cloth wipes which provides gentle cleansing for your baby . Infused with Lotion and vitamin E to moisturise and soothe the ultra delicate skin . Versatile and can be used on the entire body . Perfect for the on the go . It’s a necessity for all the moms .

8) Baby Powder :


The last product from the range which I received was the baby powder . It really helps to absorb the excess moisture from the babies skin and keeps the baby’s skin dry and smooth . I love how it absorbs the  extra moisture from baby D’s skin making her feel sweat free helps prevent friction which prevents from friction burns and rashes . It protects the baby’s delicate sling from prickly heat and making the baby feel cool , comfortable and happy .

All the products are hypoallergenic and tested in Europe

Contains pure and natural plant based ingredients and essential oils .

and Its never tested on animals .

I hope you guys find my review helpful and do write ur reviews and experiences in the comment section below .

Till then stay tuned and have a great day ..

Final verdict : 10/10

Website : www.softsensbaby.com

Instagram store : @softsens

Info: info@softsensbaby.com

Phone : 9833808228


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