“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected.” This is a proven fact that holds great significance in today’s stressful life. The growing generation is more vigilant where health is concerned. Proper nutritional diet followed with a daily exercise regime is becoming an important part of the so called busy life. Consumption of a high – protein plant foods such as Soy, pulses, cereals and tubers can satisfy protein requirements that are associated with fewer environmental impacts, yielding significant human health benefits. To throw light on the increasing nutritional value of such food products DuPont Nutrition & Health recently organised a blogger’s meet to spread the beneficial and rewarding properties of the SOY PROTEIN. Years of research and development has proven that soy protein is a safe and effective alternative to dairy proteins for meeting dietary protein requirements.

The question here arises is that why should one consume Soy Protein?

There are many supplements available in the market, then why the need to prioritize Soy Protein over others?

Well the answer lies in the fact that Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) is a worldwide accepted method of analyzing the quality of food proteins, which considers a protein’s digestibility and essential amino acid profile. Using this methodology, Soy Protein has a PDCAAS of 1.0, the highest score attainable, placing it on par with dairy and egg protein, in terms of its protein quality. Apart from this, Soy Protein has many beneficial properties too.

They are as follows:

 Soy is more than just a Protein. Soy protein is superior among plant proteins on the basis of its protein quality and proven health benefits. Soy protein is a high-quality protein, containing all the essential amino acids in the proper ratio.

 In addition, being a plant-based protein, soy protein boasts of additional benefits including low fat content and saturated fat. It is also free of cholesterol and lactose. Lactose can be problematic for individuals who are lactose intolerance.

 Research demonstrates that soy protein is heart healthy. It benefits in reducing elevated cholesterol levels. This significantly reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. As part of a healthy diet, soy foods can replace less healthy foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

 Soy Protein assists in supporting healthy weight loss. Introducing a plant protein, such as soy, in our diet plays a key role in controlling weight, particularly in aging people struggling with weight loss. By decreasing caloric intake and short-term appetite, soy aids weight and fat loss.

 Consumption of Soy Protein supports muscle maintenance and growth in individuals. Studies have shown that intake of soy protein, in adequate amounts, promotes fat loss while preserving muscle mass and supporting lean body mass gains.

DuPont Nutrition & Health is a world-leader in developing innovative soy-based ingredients that enable nutritious and great-tasting food and beverage products .Many foods containing Soy- such as tofu, soy sauce, soy flour, soy milk and soy bean oil are readily available in supermarkets. There are many types of food alternatives that can be made with Soy. Few of them are:

 Soy milk – Soy beans that are soaked, grounded fine and strained produce fluid called soybean milk. Plain, unfortified soymilk is an excellent source of high quality protein and B Vitamins. Soy milk can also be used as a beverage or in place of milk for cooking.

 Soy nuts – Roasted soy nuts are whole soy beans that have been soaked in water and then baked until brown. These are available in variety of flavors.

 Soy curd—this is also known as Tofu. It is a soft smooth soy product made by curdling fresh, hot soymilk with coagulant. Tofu is rich in high quality protein and low in sodium.

 Whole Soybeans—Whole soybeans are an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber. They can be cooked and used in sauces, stews or soups.
DuPont Nutrition & Health ensure that their soy protein products deliver the highest levels of quality, safety and consistency. You can rely on their advanced technologies and consumer insights, coupled with technical; marketing and nutrition science expertise, to help you succeed with differentiated products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

We need to remember “Exercise is a King. Nutrition is a Queen. Put them together and you’ve got a Kingdom.” And DuPont Nutrition & Health aims at giving you that kingdom with its high quality Soy Protein.

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