With the increase in the temperatures and the scorching heat, it seems this time the pool is going to be blissful for the tiny tots. Parents who intend to watch their little bees splashing in the water pool need not worry about the swim wear of their newborns. The new Pampers Splashers swim pants are specially designed for pool or water time. These diapers have a special quality and unlike the normal diapers, they do not swell up on soaking water.

The name ‘splashers’ itself suggests that it is a protective covering of a panel to protect babies from the splashing water. The diapers are beautifully designed with deep thoughts keeping in mind the toddler’s demands. Their tear away sides make it easier for you to change them, and they are super stretchy to provide a snug fit to the babies in water. What’s more? They have super cool graphics and you can take your baby to the beach or the pool wearing just Splashers!

The swim diaper holds in solid poop without retaining too much liquid. This gives comfort to babies while in the pool. The Pampers Splashers keep the baby dry even when wet. It provides protection in the water without any worries of a soggy diaper. These diapers are newly launched in India and they are fabulous.

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