“Language shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about.” It is extremely important for kids to have a clear knowledge of the basics of grammar, for it is the foundation of higher learning. Since, learning in kids begins very early in age; parents should be vigilant in teaching the correct way of languages. Children have a very sharp mind and a high degree of grasping power since birth till 5 years of age. Anything taught to them in these early years leaves an impression in the mind. Hence, usage of correct language is very vital. With the world becoming techno savvy the newer generation are exposed to smart gadgets as learning tools. Recently launched Lingokids is one such leading English Language Learning App for children between 2-8 years old. The smart app. is beautifully designed with over 10 million registered families worldwide. The app. has some amazing features that make learning fun for kids.

They are as follows:

  1. It has a complete and structured English course with innumerable activities making learning easy for children.
  2. The content is developed by a team of educational experts with backgrounds in vocabulary development, reading instruction and curriculum development.
  3. The content comprises of different types of activities like games, videos, songs, exercises and audiobooks etc.
  4. The app. provides for weekly reports of kids so the parents can know how much their child is learning.
  5. It adapts to the speed of learning of every child with machine learning algorithms, thereby making every child feel unique and special.
  6. The app. is accessible even in an offline mode which makes it child friendly even while travelling.
  7. The app. has multiple profiles; hence it is accessible to more than one child at a time.
  8. The app. enhances the speech, writing and spelling skills of a child as it strengthens the base of learning from a young age.
  9. The app. aims at removing language barriers, and helps create equal opportunities for children around the world.
  10. he app. is 100% free of any ads and certified by the KidSAFE@Seal Program, offering a safe environment that is free from distractions.
  11. The app. makes learning easy and available from home itself. Parents do not have to rely on external aid of teaching.
  12. The app. is highly recommended for its high quality screen time. 20 minutes a day can suffice effective teaching to kids.
  13. The app. works with a monthly subscription and with the link provided for download, parents can take a free trial too.

With so many brownie points, the LingoKids App is highly recommended to all parents and kids for its child friendly nature, learning techniques through play way methods, and above all the content which is Trustworthy for the App. collaborates with the famous ‘Oxford University Press.’

I have already registered myself for a free trial class of the Lingokids App. I recommend all my friends with growing toddlers to do the same. Remember, ‘traditional teaching is something that is given to you. Personalized learning is something you seek.’ Seek this learning through Lingokids.

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