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Have you ever come across something which is nutritious , organic and without any preservatives ?

Which your baby can eat without any fear .

In this world where getting things which are absolutely organic is a task for everyone .

And if you are a new mom and your baby has just started weaning then it’s even tougher .

But I have got you sorted .

I’m introducing this amazing brand named as mimmoorganics. 

My Nephew tried there pasta and loved it to the fullest .

Why this brand ?

  • It has no preservatives .
  • Made up with healthy veggies and organic semolina .
  • With no Maida 
  • Comes in vaccum packing to maintain its shelf life .
  • The shapes of the pasta is the best part. It’s moulded in alphabetical shape .
  • FSSAI to USDA certified for being 100%organic .
  • Small in size so that the little one can chew easily .
  • It’s for children above 10 months plus .
  • It’s very easy to cook and loaded with nutrients .
  • The flavour of the pasta is very tasty so the little one can enjoy while eating .

Aren’t all these features proves that it’s the best organic food your baby should eat and enjoy .

So checkout there page on Instagram @mimmoorganics. 

You can visit there website also 


I hope you found my post helpful .

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