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So few days back I received few things from@bumpadum .

So I received both the diapers from their range Aviva and Duet .

About Aviva :

Bumpadum Aviva Organic Cotton Diapers fit babies from 5-15 kgs. These come with the goodness of 100% organic cotton, offering excellent absorbency and extremely trim fit for your baby.

Aviva diapers come with a waterproof shell lined with organic cotton and an insert made entirely of 100% organic cotton. The insert can be attached to the shell through snaps and can be removed during washing.

Both the diapers fit very well .

About Duet :

Duet diapers, we can use the shell alone without any inserts, so if you’ve been drooling over their amazing prints, just go ahead and get the shell! Want excellent absorbency too.

WHY cloth diapers ? 

  • Cloth diapers are absolutely exo friendly .
  • They are reusable 
  • Verymuch safe for babies 
  • and the plus point it comes in variety of attractive prints and colors 


  • Cloth diapers reduce baby’s exposure to harmful chemical present in disposable diapers .


  • It is the cheapest way to use diapers without causing a hole in ur pocket .
  • A normal cloth diaper can be reused 300 times as compared to a disposable diaper as found out by a recent survey .
  • It turns out to be much more reasonable in long run as compared to disposable diapers .
  • They cause harm to the environment also as they are non degradable .
  • Cloth diapers save 50 to 80 % of our money as compared to disposable diapers 

Clutches – This is a beautiful, double layered, reversible waterproof bag that has a wide variety of uses! It can be used to store diapers while traveling, but it can also be used as a clutch/purse/accessories/make-up/snacks on-the-go bag.

I’m for sure gonna use them wherever I am going out .

Wet bag :Wet bags – These are waterproof bags that can be used to store used diapers before laundry, both at home and while traveling.They can also be used to store valuables/clothes on a trip to the swimming pool or beach as they keep contents dry.

I hope you found my article helpful .

You can contact them on Instagram @bumpadum

Order on their website also .


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