The most difficult phase of motherhood is when a baby who is otherwise healthy has several periods a week of high-pitched crying, and difficulty being comforted. It’s a sign of a condition called ‘Colic.’
‘Colic’ is derived from the Greek ‘Kolikos’ which means suffering in the large intestine. This is often observed in small babies. All babies cry, but if a baby is consistently crying for a long period of time then the baby may have colic. This crying due to colic is usually observed in the afternoon and evening.
As mother’s we tend to panic seeing our newbies in pain, though there are remedies like laying the child across the lap and gently soothing the back or have him/her suck a pacifier, give a warm water bath etc. etc…….. However babies need immediate relief. Being an Indian I believe in giving my baby a holistic form of healing i.e. Ayurveda which is deep rooted in our culture. Mother Sparsh has developed baby care products with our own ancient science- Ayurveda.
To deal with a baby’s colicky pain and cry, Mother Sparsh has developed 100 % Ayurvedic Tummy Roll On.

The product is truly holistic in its content as it is made of a combination of natural oils such as hing oil (asafoetida) and saunf oil to cure and soothe colic and indigestion in babies. It is a combination of 5 Oils that provide immediate relief to the babies suffering from stomach discomforts caused due to gas, acidity and indigestion in infants and children. Each oil has its properties that help to ease out the baby’s tummy pain.
Hing Oil has an antiseptic and antibacterial property that helps to reduce acid reflux and constipation in our tiny tots. The presence of Hing Oil aids in relieving gas, flatulence and indigestion. Hing, as per the ancient Ayurveda (also known as Asafoetida) cures abdominal pain, constipation or an upset stomach.
The presence of Saunf Oil (Fennel Oil) in this roll on has anti-colic properties which help to reduce stomach bloating and helps the babies to burp. The Tummy Roll On is a concoction of 5 oils- Hing Oil; Pudina Oil; Sonth Oil; Saunf Oil and Sova Oil. Each ingredient in the product has a distinctive healing property and works wonders to soothe a colicky baby.
The product is very easy in its application. The Roll On just needs to be applied directly on stomach around the naval area. The healing effect of this 100% Ayurvedic product is immediate. It relieves the baby from any kind of stomach discomfort caused due to colic; indigestion or constipation.
The ingredients used in Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On are natural and free from toxins which make them suitable to be used on baby’s sensitive skin. It’s a skin friendly product as it is chemical and alcohol free. Moreover, it’s easy to carry in your purse or bag.
So dear mommies, next time your little one cries due to stomach discomfort, do not panic. You know Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On will do the MAGIC!!.

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