Author – Moshank Relia

Book – Adventures in farland

Priced – 150 rs

Age group – 6 years and above

Book type – Fiction

About the book :

It’s a book meant for kids between the age of 6 to 15 years . The story is about a beautiful 7 year old girl Mira and her dear friends Bira and Vira . It’s a story of Mira and her adventures in the magical land of gnomes , giants ,fairies and mermaids .

So the story revolves around a beautiful little girl Mira and her friends

Bira and Vira are two mischievous boys who loves to eat chocolates and they both fight constantly with each other all the time .They all are childhood friend which are invited to attend the new moon party of a fantasy land called farland by the princess . It’s a place that she has always heard about from her mother. Mira gets excited to meet all the magical creatures at the magical land . Although she faces a lot of problems on her way to the magical land but tackles all of them with with a lot of bravery and courage . Farland is a magical land with various magical creatures residing it in .

When they arrive in the magical land they come to know that the Queen of hills has decided to attack the farland by unleashing the Dragon of underhill and magically control it to destroy the magical land and its creature .

The only way to save the farland is by waking up the Giant since he is the only one who can save them all . Mira being a confident and brave girls decides to save the magical land and the remaining story talks about the bravery

Mira portrayed while saving the farland .

So Read the book Adventures in Farland to know more about the story of the brave kids .

My Review

The character of Mira is portrayed by a very sweet and kind hearted girl . It’s a 39 paged book which has thrills and suspense in it . Mira stands up to all challenges in the new place and goes out of her way just to help others . She is a person who loves to help others without thinking her good or bad indeed she is a brave girl . Each chapter of the book starts with a illustration which helps kids to understand the story line better . They can relate to the story after looking at the illustrations. Her bravery sees through her journey . Such kind of books helps kids to learn regarding how they can come over their problems and obstacles in life . It’s a wonderful book that will teach children’s about courage and bonding .

It’s a story which comes with different morals for e.g. she is a girl with strong mind , she stands firm when obstacles come on her way and selflessly helps others . It will surely help children’s to learn good lessons about life . The book is very well written with short sentences . Will helps children’s to improve on there vocabulary skills . I absolutely loved this book and I hope even children’s would like them to the core because it has got a very interesting story line . The climax is well written which will help kids keep there interest of reading the book .

So to the book started with To all the children who have ever felt different .

And it’s a book for all those kids who want to feel magical .

I would give a 4.9/5 rating .

A must buy for all the kids who loves fiction .

About the author

Moshank Relia is a graduate in english literature and has earned certi cates in creative writing, sketching and theatre. he also holds a diploma in photography and has worked as a fashion photographer. he has trekked a number of high-altitude ranges in the himalayas, including the mighty Rupin Pass (15,250ft.), kedarkantha (12,850ft.) and the kuari Pass (12,516ft.). his love for adventure, his deep affection for kids and his wide-ranging creative experiences drove him to write children’s ction.

even though he is based in new Delhi, he can often be found sauntering along Camel Back Road, Mussoorie, where he spent most of his teenage years.

Important Information – This is a sponsored post but all my reviews are my own .

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