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So now I have completely switched from disposable diapers to cloth diapers and all because of this amazing cloth diapering brand my figohoney.

So here my take on it :

WHY cloth diapers ? 

  • Cloth diapers are absolutely exo friendly .
  • They are reusable 
  • Verymuch safe for babies 
  • and the plus point it comes in variety of attractive prints and colors 


  • Cloth diapers reduce baby’s exposure to harmful chemical present in disposable diapers .
  • The figohoney cloth diapers doesn’t contain harmful chemicals as compared to disposable diapers which is made up of soft stay dry fabric and the inner soaker has got superb absorbency quality therfore making it a hit as compared to disposable diapers it proves the best comfort for the baby .
  • The outer layers is waterproof to prevent diaper leaks 
  • It fits from XS size to L (that’s there one size diaper )


  • It is the cheapest way to use diapers without causing a hole in ur pocket .
  • A normal cloth diaper can be reused 300 times as compared to a disposable diaper as found out by a recent survey .
  • It turns out to be much more reasonable in long run as compared to disposable diapers .
  • They cause harm to the environment also as they are non degradable .
  • Cloth diapers save 50 to 80 % of our money as compared to disposable diapers 

Some do’s and don’ts 

  • DO’S
  • Change the diapers often as an well u feel the need
  • Wash the diapers always before first use
  • Make sure the snap buttons are properly snapped or else it will result in leakage
  • Adjust the proper size
  • If the baby poops knock off the solid poop in the toilet and then wash it separately
  • Use quality detergents only don’t use the detergent bar on the diapers
  • Always dry them in sunlight
  • Don’ts
  • Use insert directly against the baby skin .
  • Donot use detergent bar
  • Do not dry in shed
  • Do not use very hot water
  • Do not use diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly
  • Do not use fabric softer or bleach

So that’s my take on cloth diapers and trust me that’s my best choice till date to do the switch over from disposable diapers to cloth diapers .

I also received a wet bag from there end in a dinosaur print will update the picture later .

The wet bag is used to store the soiled diapers during travelling as the soiled diapers can cause foul smell and hygienic issue .

Stay tuned for more posts .

You can contact them on instagram as @myfigohoney

Order online on :


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