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I’m just pending with so many blog posts but due to some unavoidable circumstances it kept on delaying and finally starting to write them out .

So today I’m going to write my review on Toy rooms toy a brand which has multiple variety of wooden toy all made up of high quality wood .

My daughter Diyara has now started to put a lot of things in her mouth may be because of the teething phase she is going through.

So lately she has been putting anything and everything in her mouth even including plastic toys which was making me worried all of a sudden as the content in plastic toys are dangerous they have so much of toxic chemicals in it . So we were sent one wooden teether and one soother chain from ToyRoomtoys .

They source ecofriendly products from abroad . They had sent me these products just in time when Diyara needed them the most .

Baby D chewing on the teether ring

 Link to buy :http://toyroom.in/product-details.php?id=%2F%2F75#zoom_view

About the brand :

HEIMESS products are manufactured at Gollnest & Kiesel’s own plant in Vaihingen near Stuttgart. They are made of hardwoods such as beech and sycamore, sustainably harvested from select German forests.  Baby toys made of wood are essential for the basic development of sense perception (hearing, seeing, touching), for motor development and for promoting coordination. They are saliva resistant also .

In the above picture Diyara is playing with the soother chain

Link to buy the soother chain : http://toyroom.in/product-details.php?id=%2F%2F72

What is a soother chain ?

A soother chain can be pinned onto the child’s garment and a pacifier or teether can be attached to the other side. These are safe for mouthing by young kids since it’s made with high quality wood and the dye is water based and silva resistant. One unique point about wooden toys is that they do not need intensive cleaning like plastic toys that need to be washed and then boiled/ sterilised.Wood has self sanitising properties and does not allow growth of bacteria unlike plastic.

Why wooden toys ? 

Wooden toys have self sanitising properties and are saliva resistant .

Helps to improve hand eye coordination

Modern high tech toys are designed to amuse and distract children and are often noisy and over stimulating. Wooden toys tend to inspire creative and imaginative play in children. They allow children to engage in meaningful play, developing cognitive and problem-solving skills that they will carry throughout the rest of their lives. The natural textures of wooden toys stimulate the child’s senses as they invite children to touch, feel and explore.

They are very safe as they don’t need batteries or any electronic device installed in them .

Are very ecofriendly and made up of organic material .

They don’t need to washed we just have to use a damp cloth and wipe it away .

Hope you all found my blog useful !

Some handles of ToyRoomtoys are :

Instagram – @toyroomstoy

Website : www.toyroom.in

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