The Benefits Of Computer Use

In the 21st century, we are surrounded by electronics – from the computers on our desks to the smartphones in our pockets. The digital revolution is significant. Access to computers and the Internet has become a basic need for education in our society. I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created.

They are tools of communication, tools of creativity and can be shaped by their user.
#DellAarambh aims at equipping teachers and parents with this tool of technology to make learning more practical. With #DellAntiRoteDay, the aim is to spread awareness among students and parents about the long term benefits of PC-enabled learning compared to rote learning.

Rote learning, as we all are aware of, proves to be the biggest hurdle in the education system. It is a hindrance to the child’s cognitive development. Parents should be aware of the shortcomings of mugging up or memorizing by heart, without understanding the learning material.

They are as follows:

  • Any study material if not clearly understood is retained in the mind for a short period of time. Hence, rote memory leads to failure in long- term retention of learning.
  • Studying gets too mechanical when it’s mugging up. This leads to disinterest towards studies and disorientation from your goals.
  • Rote learning makes it difficult to connect concepts with real life. This is why it is pivotal to understand what you are learning rather than just memorising it.
  • To avoid rote learning in children, parents can incorporate the usage of PC that provides us with certain techniques fruitful for the child to understand the subject content logically as well as cognitively.
  • The techniques are as follows:
  • Children should develop a habit of writing down what they learn through diagrams, mind maps, etc. This will make retention stronger and beneficial in the longer run.
  • Encourage dialogic learning in children. Gather a group of children and test each other on important concepts and theories.
  • Encourage students to solve more application-based papers.
  • Make your children go through their notes and understand the various underlying concepts so that they can be sharper on the subject.

PC- access to research is not only faster, but also an efficient way to save what you’ve read and add it to your notes. The awareness of PC-enabled learning by #Dell Aarambh is gaining vast popularity. The initiative is to enhance learning using the power of technology. The programme is designed in a way to help teachers, parents and students find a firm footing in Digital India.

The objective is to provide necessary training so that they can better utilise a PC for learning both at school and a home. Let’s join hands with #Dell Aarambh for a better future of our kids. Let’s make Digital India – Dell India.

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