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If u all have seen my instagram posts you must have seen that few days ago I posted for @gaia skin care .

  • Gaia is made from organic ingredients 
  • Blend of natural and organic extracts 
  • It’s ‘s blend of natural and organic extracts 
  • It’s a Australian brand .
  • It’s can be used on children’s with eczema skin problems also .
  • It’s free from mineral oil ,sorbelene and petrochemicals .
  • They use certified organic shea butter which is very softening and easily absorbed , the shea butter used is sourced from Ghana. 
  • It’s specially created for sensitive skin .
  • All the ingredients are well researched and sourced from reputed companies .

So i had received a baby travel pack and separate 250 ml bottle of moisturiser and body wash .

  • Baby Diyara has super sensitive skin because of which she generally develops rashes on her .
  • I think it’s because of the chemicals used in the products which I had been using for her .
  • But as I started using Gaia products on her the results are really promising .
  • Her skin is less allergic now and she doesn’t develop any rashes on her skin .
  • The products have very calming fragrance .

The travel pack contains : 

1) moisturiser 

2)bath and body wash 

3)baby sleep time bath 

4) baby shampoo 

5) baby massage oil.

Priced at rs 1999/- 

Available on Amazon and there website .

The starter kit is perfect for gifting a new mom or for travelling .

You can contact them on @gaianaturalind there instagram page .

I hope you find my article helpful .

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