Shishu Sarothi – Making World a better place for Disabled Children

Don’t you think we have social reaponsiblities towards our society and country as a citizen .Most of uslead normal lives and have a support system to fall back on. But there are kids who are very much part of the society yet don’t have much support, the disabled children. They are going through tough time and need support morally and financially from us. I know of such an organisation who is doing this commendable job as an CSO (Civil Society Organization). The name of the organization is Shishu Sarothi Center.

What is Shishu Sarothi ? 

Shishu Sarothi Centre for Rehabilitation & Training for Multiple Disability. With a very humble and modest beginning in 1987, the founding team of Shishu Sarothi was mainly led by five committed individuals. Today, the organization has grown manifold and comprises of a highly dedicated team offering a range of services for children with physical and developmental disabilities.It is located inGuhawati

Why do they need help ? 

People with disabilities (PwDs) face several challenges, including infrastructural barriers, and stigma and discrimination in all parts of the world. In the North-east of India, the problems are further compounded. challenges are intensified due to the geographical terrain making mobility difficult, lack of awareness, and difficulty in the accessibility of qualified rehabilitation professionals and assistive devices. There are also hardly any Government schemes/ services available for PwDs.

What is their vision ? 

An inclusive world where children and persons with disabilities have equal opportunities, and are empowered to participate freely and live fully with dignity and respect.

What is their Mission ? 

To uphold and advocate for rights of children and persons with disabilities, ensure equal opportunities and promote their inclusion and active participation in a non discriminating barrier free environment.

Enable access to appropriate and innovative therapies and interventions that facilitate inclusion andfull participation of children and persons with disabilities

Create a cadre of trained human resources and undertake research studies to build knowledge on disability in general and Cerebral Palsy and developmental disabilities in particular.

Sensitize all stakeholders, ensure implementation of legislation, facilitate redressal of grievances thereof and influence policy change

Habilitate/ rehabilitate children and persons with disabilities to help them achieve their full potential in a barrier free environment.

We provide inclusive education to children focussed on quality, accessibility, and rights-based education, and comprehensive computer aided training programmes to children with disabilities.

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How can we contact them ? 

Off Ramakrishna Mission Road, Birubari, Guwahati – 7810 16,

Assam, India


Phone— +91 9207049810


Shishu Sarothi works with persons with disability for an enabling barrier-free environment, rooted in equity, accessibility and non- discrimination .

So If you want to help this organisation in this noble cause please click on the link below .


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  1. So good to read about Shishu Sarothi here. I too got to know about them and their awesome work, recently. The disabled definitely need society’s support to lead a normal life. Let’s do our bit.

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