Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate.’ Give a kid a piece of chocolate, and he’ll feel like the luckiest one on the earth, at least until the chocolate lasts. Kinder Joy is one such all- time favourite chocolate treat of kids. Made by an Italian confectionery company Ferrero as part of its kinder brand of products, Kinder Joy is one of the most loved brands in India. It is not only unique in its shape and high quality, but it successfully combines the joy of chocolate with that of a toy.

I recently got an opportunity to visit Kinder Joy Factory in Baramati, Maharashtra near Pune. It was interesting to see combination of layers of yummy milky treat, cocoa cream and 2 crispy wafer bites coming together creating the most favourite treat of kids . It also has a surprise toy that helps me to bond with my kids as we both enjoy the treat and play together. I love it when he uses his creativity and imagination to build stories around the toy he gets with the pack. The toys greatly help in enhancing the social, psychomotor, emotional and cognitive skills of children. I love its tag line, ‘Isme Kuch Khaas Hai!’

The experience at Baramati was an amazing one. It was amazing to see the quality and hygiene standards at the factory. Ferrero Group’s flagship Kinder Joy treat follows five golden rules which include milk of high quality, selected raw materials and production processes with high hygiene standards. There are ISO certified processes and close to 200 quality parameters against which Kinder Joys are checked before they are ready to be marketed. Samples from the Baramati plant are sent to the Ferrero Quality labs at Germany and Italy for random quality checks.

The Kinder Joy packaging is polypropylene which is recyclable, and the toy used inside is made of resin and poses no choking hazards. All the toys are tested and approved for food grade quality. Assuring me about giving my kid the Kinder Joy.
What touched my heart was the selfless contribution that the Ferrero Group makes towards the community in which they operate. It was heartening to see that the Ferrero group has one of the best CSR initiative – Kindergarden for the children of the Ferrero employees and local community. There are 140 plus kids associated with them currently.

Kinder Joy firmly believes that a happy child will be a better adult tomorrow and their commitment to this belief really shows in their well-designed portion size product and Ferrero’s global CSR initiative – Kinder+Sport. As part of its continuing efforts to bring the joy of movement into the life of every child, Kinder+Sport has developed the ‘Joy of Moving’ methodology, an innovative ed ucational model, based on games and dedicated to the all-round growth of children. Developed in association with Rome University “Foro Italico”, MIUR of the Piedmont Region and the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), the method is based on games created to promote the physical, cognitive and social development of children and increase their life skills.
My visit to this Kinder Joy factory has been a memorable one. The brand not only believes in giving quality product to its buyers but also to its makers. Kinder Joy mein Kuch Khash Hai jo aapko Khaas ka Ehsaas Karata Hai. Thank you, Ferrero Group,! thank you Kinder Joy!

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