“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Wow! What a beautiful quote by Abraham Lincoln. It stands true when we work together in sharing every load of work to bring forward a better, more civilised, practical and efficient society. Team work always has a powerful impact in bringing a revolution.

A simple message with a powerful impact, put ahead by ARIEL has created a sensation in the society. ARIEL has brought in a combination of their brand identity and an ideology of their belief by taking this step of teaching the boys to share the load in equality with girls.

Recently launched, this campaign has forced people to think on their mind set and idea of equality. The mind altering campaign compels to think, “DOES WORK HAVE ANY GENDER?” Why does the society tag line the household chores as “ yeh ladki ka kaam hai aur yeh ladke ka.” We are living in a 21st century where we speak high of equality. Do we follow it in its truest sense?? It’s high time we follow what we believe in practical life.

Being a part of the Ariel share the load video launch has made a profound influence on me. The video portrays such an amazing initiative that even men should share the load. Being a mother of a daughter, I have realised how we need to bring up the forthcoming generation of kids. Every parent should take this initiative of teaching their kids to be a helping hand in all the household chores. Just like no work is big or small, no work is gender biased. There is nothing like “her work and his work.” We need to break these barriers and emphasize on gender equality in its truest form.

Let’s teach our kids to bring forth a world where the word ‘gender’ does not exist, where everyone can be themselves. Encourage your kids to embrace both the worlds with love, respect and pride and give birth to one beautiful world in unison.
Remember, next time when you want your laundry done, call for your son and not your daughter….

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