“Happiness is secretly eating milk-powder from the kitchen”, especially if it’s a whole milk powder like PediaSure. What is PediaSure? PediaSure is a nutritional drink that helps children who cannot get everything they need in their diet from food and other drinks. Each delicious shake provides 7g protein and 25 vitamins and minerals for children up to 13 years of age. A doctor needs to be consulted before starting with toddlers below two years of age.
This milk powder is wholesome as it not only provides the essential vitamins and minerals needed for the growing child but is also rich in its calcium, fibre, carbohydrates and DHA (Omega -3 fat) content. This supports and facilitates the normal physical development of the child’s brain and eyes. The powder form is a versatile way to add key nutrients for growth to your child’s diet. One can mix it with water or milk; add it to a recipe or a smoothie, and more! PediaSure contains no artificial growth hormones, and is gluten free.
And to enhance healthy mental and creative growth, PediaSure has come up with innovative packaging. Aiming at an eco-friendly environment, PediaSure has changed its packaging from a plastic bottle to a carton box!

Not only does the box is a step up in the right direction, it also contains a DIY activity inside. The purpose was not only to contribute towards saving the environment but also to involve the child in a creative way. It’s a very easy and child friendly wrapping. The pouch containing the wholesome milk powder needs to be removed from the box. The box then is cut open as per the instructions given behind the box.
The child can use his/her motor and creative skills by following the instructions given inside for the activity. The advantage of such creative wrapping is it keeps the child engaged as well as channelizes the child’s energies towards an effective goal. Kids get immense pleasure when they are able to come up with the final product made with this DIY activity.
We cannot deny that the Fun n Learn Box, as it is called, is indeed a box-full of fun and learning. And it only increases the anticipation of finding out what’s inside. My son and I had a blast doing this activity and we hope you buy one for you and your child soon!


  1. Very informative post! Thank you for writing this one! Pediasure is a trusted brand and my kids love the taste. My worries of nutrition and immunity building are put to rest. Thanks to Pediasure. The DIY box is too much fun! My kids enjoyed the activity.

  2. Absolutely loved the idea of carton packaging with a diy activity inside. It’s truly exciting for kids to come across such fun elements while they enjoy their health drink. We love Pediasure and this turned out to be a great fun for us too.

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