How can you make your baby a star ⭐️

I recently downloaded this app and I’m so impressed by it . I came across this app for the first time . Plowns is an app that helps parents showcase & develop their kids’ extra curricular skills.

98% kids have genius potential before they turn 3, and this number reduces to 1% by the time they turn 16. Plowns helps parents save & harness their kids’ genius potential by giving them a platform to showcase their child’s creativity to the world & helping the child receive appreciation from across the world filling them with happiness, confidence & self-belief.

A community of parents from across the world who want holistic growth for their children, Plowns lets parents, teachers and schools store and share all the creative work made by children.

Using Plowns is simple –

Create an account & start uploading. You can upload your child’s drawings, paintings, craftwork, school projects, home projects, writings, fancy dress photos etc. This ensures that you have saved your child’s beautiful creations forever & will be able to see/relive/relish these creations even 20 years from today

Every upload can be seen & appreciated by the Plowns community of over 30,000 users whose stars/comments on your child’s creations will motivate the child to keep doing the things he/she loves

Make sure you select the right category for your child’s creative output while uploading (e.g., drawings/ crafts/ photos etc). This ensures your child’s creations are stored category-wise and not lost on Plowns.

Follow your favorite child artists on the Plowns app, show your love by starring/ sharing/ commenting on their work

Find new content & new skills in the “Discover” section. This will help you take you in guiding your child in his/her creative development

Every upload made by you & stars/ comments received give the child points which reflect in our leaderboard. Your child stands a chance to move atop the Plowns leaderboard or win our Artist of the Day crown, which will fill him/her with pride.

To help your child’s creative growth, Plowns also runs daily caption challenges & monthly art & writing contests. Daily Caption Challenges is a fun way of helping kids improve their english as well as improve their creative thinking. Whereas, monthly art contests is a way of highlighting & rewarding the best of the best talent on Plowns.

Do you think your child is creative or talented? Use Plowns!

Do you think your child has no special talents? Use Plowns & let your child surprise you!

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