As a new mom one thing which always makes me scared is how safe are you ?

I mean are we really safe in this world .

As far as I am concerned safety is something very important to me and I think it’s important for others too . So for the same reason I attended a campaign organised by @godrej at their hubble office in mumbai regards to create awareness and announce the #homesafetyday which is marked on 15th November .

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems unveils #HowSafeAreYou campaign

It was launched to spread awareness amongst everyone and released few videos

For the same cause .

About Godrej :

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems is a 120-year-old leading manufacturer of innovative locking devices. Since its inception in 1897 by Ardeshir Godrej, the name ‘Godrej’ has become synonymous with trust, protection and integrity. From the first Anchor branded lock in 1897 to the first ever spring less lock in 1907, to the iconic ‘Navtal’ in 1954, and to the postmodern biometric locks, Godrej has set every benchmark in the locks industry.

So 15th of November will be a home safety day in India from now onwards urging homebuyers to be proactive in their safety

The CAMPAIGN had a amazing panel discussion involving :

  1. Dr. Kaminidevi Bhoir, Honorary Psychiatric Counsellor for Mumbai Police,
  2. Vivek Agrawal, veteran crime journalist and author,
  3. Shyam Motwani, EVP and Head of Business – Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems,
  4. Prakash N. Borgaonkar, Western Region Head of HelpAge India and
  5. A victim of theft over the psyche of a robber.

  1. So one of the major points discussed was that all the buyers should check the level of security before buying the house from the builder .
  2. Generally we forget the safety level provided by the builder to the client and we purchase flats which are expensive but don’t invest in good locking systems .
  3. It’s our right and duty to make sure we are safe

Some pointers Said by the panellist :

  1. As per Shyam Motwani, Executive VP & Head of Business, Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems said, “Preparedness is the key. One of the primary rules of defense is to understand the enemy. Even the best offence tactic only works if you know the weakness of the opponent. Crime has been a part of the society for eons. Over the years, it has transformed and become more non-predictive, gruesome, and even the robbers have become more prepared and planned in their modus operandi. It is therefore important that as responsible citizens we are prepared to tackle such unforeseen circumstances.”
  2. According to Dr Kaminidevi Bhoir, honorary psychiatric counsellor for the Mumbai Police, said, “A robber or a thief is somebody who has the urge to steal. This act of robbery is a disease and is called kleptomania. Kleptomania is associated with impulse control disorder, where you get an impulse to do a particular thing and you cannot stop it and you go ahead and commit the act, without thinking of its consequences. A robber has no conscience while committing such an act.
  3. and Prakash N. Borgaonkar, Western Region Head of HelpAgeIndia, highlighted the fact that most victims of robberies tend to be senior citizens. “Senior citizens in today’s society are the victims of loneliness. They have nobody to talk to and are often isolated by family, which is why they let anybody into their homes just for the sake of conversation, and become a soft target. They do not understand that they are inviting danger into their homes,” he said.

And as a part of Godrej awareness drive they also launched a video below is the link :

Over the years, Godrej Locks have changed in form, function and scope of application. But one thing still remains the same – the solid stamp of trust and reliability.

Godrej Locking Solutions & Systems adhere to global quality norms and hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

And they are delivering world class locking systems

So I think safety should be the utmost priority in everyone’s life and we all should invest in the best possible locking systems in our house to be safe from thief’s and burglars .

You can check out there website for more product and other information :

I hope you found my blog helpful

Stay tuned for more !

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  1. I found this point extremely insightful: “Generally, we forget the safety level provided by the builder to the client and we purchase flats which are expensive but don’t invest in good locking systems.”
    Most Indian homeowners take it for granted that the builder won’t be providing a good door and lock, that is when they invest in the same. Thanks to you, I now know that we should question the builder on this. Keep writing! 🙂

    Do visit my blog:

  2. It was really interesting to note how little we knew abou safety. but at the same time also very reassuring that a trusted company like Godrej has evolved over the years and is providing us with better solutions in terms of locking technology.

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