Mother Sparsh (Ek maa ka sparsh)
“Hygiene is two thirds of Health”, and teaching growing toddlers the importance of good health and hygiene is a task.

Those tiny little hands are always reaching out for everything they can grab and this may not always be a good sign. Some of the things they come in contact with like mud, door handles and food can be unhygienic and can pose problems in the form of transmutable diseases.

Hence, mothers need to be equipped with baby wipes 24/7. Mums go through baby wipes in the blink of an eye. Not only to tend to the cleanliness of those tiny little bums, but also to take care for sticky fingers, messy mouths and bare feet . Hence, to choose the right wipes which are toxic free is of extreme importance.

Recently done analysis on variety of baby wipes available, it was found that Mother Sparsh Unscented Wipes is in the leading position.

Following it are other brands such as Pampers, Dove, Water Wipes, Mother Care, Chicoo, Huggies, Pigeon Water Wipes, Mamearth Organic Bamboo Wipes.

Mother Sparsh wipes are 99% water wipes made from natural fibres. They are natural absorbents and soft on baby’s sensitive skin. They are highly effective and are light on the pocket.

They are easily available on online portals like First cry and Amazon. Easily affordable these wipes are priced at Rs.299 for 72 wipes.

These naturally skin soothing wipes have captured a major stake of the market share for the simple reason these wipes do not contain toxic ingredients like Propylene and Phenoxythanol that are harmful to the baby’s skin and cause allergic reactions.
Mother Sparsh Wipes is a beautiful product launched by First Cry.

These water wipes are gentle and designed for new borns, infants with sensitive skin and can be used to clean their hands and mouths too. These skin-friendly wipes are safe for use on babies’ right from their birth.

These wipes can be used to clean any part of the baby without exposing them to harmful chemicals. They are not only gentle and mild on the sensitive parts of the baby but are also eco-friendly in nature.

To know more about Mother Sparsh Unscented Wipes log on to their website. Remember, “A baby is born with a need to be loved and never outgrows it. So love your baby by choosing the right baby wipes. Give your baby, Ek maa ka sparsh Mother Sparsh.”

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